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Message Spoons

Favorite Messages for Family and Friends


father knows best     

father mows best      


my mom rocks                

yes, dear      

mom, great job    

i'm awesome    

text your mom  

mom is the <3 of our home    

mama tried    

best mom ever         

my sister - my friend 

sisters--different flowers from the same garden      

thanks, mom!     

i'm glad you're my dad       

happy wife - happy life       

faith, family, friendship      

the best things in life are friends 

forever friends                                    

old friends are the best friends      


Favorite Romance Messages


i think i love you

you are my hero

be mine

 if you fall, i'll be there 

i think you're freaking awesome 

hello handsome 

love you more than chocolate 

love you more than bacon 

love you to the moon and back 

you are my happy ending 

you're the one that i want 

sail away with me 

lovin' spoonful 

bff <3 

you are the song in my heart 

shut up & kiss me 

j' taime 

i love you more than ice cream 

i love you 

ps: i love you

i love you more 

be mine 

yoda one for me 

who loves you? 

all you need is love 

dream with me 

i freaking love you 

you're freaking awesome 

good morning gorgeous 

hot strong and steamy

Favorite Inspiration Messages


be brave 

laugh more, worry less 

sing, dance, play 

joy hope peace 

don't stop believin' 

be awesome today 


even miracles take a little time 

live laugh love 

live your life, forget your age 

follow your heart 

love is all you need 

try again tomorrow 

be still and know that i am 

do all things with love 



love heals 

live what you love 

hold fast to your dreams 

the best is yet to come 

compassion, courage, confidence 

faith is my anchor 

follow your bliss 

it's all good 

serenity courage wisdom 

eat play love 

you are my sunshine

Favorite Just for Fun Messages


because i said so 

it is what it is 


done is better than perfect 

ain't nobody got time for that 

if you're ever in a mess...sos 

shoot for the moon 

diet starts tomorrow 

yoda one for me 

may the force be with you 

keep calm and pour the wine 

treat me nice 

carolina girl 

be uncommon 

dream big 

don't stop believe'n 

home is where you are 

good day sunshine 

chocolate is the answer 

my favorite color is wine 

jamaican me crazy 

rebel soul 

i <3 junk 

go to the gym 

don't worry, be happy  

boom shaka laka 

relish today' ketchup tomorrow 

i shop therefore i am 

good morning gorgeous 

we're not in kansas anymore 

who you gonna call?


Favorite Coffee and Tea Messages



No coffee no workee
Coffee now wine later
Same old grind
Peace love coffee
Dear coffee I love you
You can do it
A coffee mocha vodka value to go, please
Here, coffee coffee coffee
Running on caffeine and cuss words
Not a morning person
OCD  obsessive coffee disorder
Same old grind
Caffeine queen
Wake up !
Where's my coffee ? 

i don't do perky


always time for tea 

you're my cup of tea 

put the kettle on 

high tea 

peace, love, tea 

sip your tea and think of me 

tea glorious tea 

50 shades of earl grey 

give me tea and sympathy 

not for all the tea in china 

it's four o' clock somewhere 

tea by the sea 

tea time 

tea freak 

make it tea for me 

simplici tea 

ranquili tea 

serenit tea 

creativi tea 

prosperi tea 

calami tea 

insani tea

Favorite Jame, Jelly, Sugar & Honey Messages


let's jam

we're jammin



my preserves 

saints preserve us 

jam session

jam on it 

let's toast and jam 

berry good jam 


be my honey 

aww honey honey 


honey I'm home 

how sweet it is 

good morning sugar 

my sweet 

gimme some sugar 

good morning sweetie 


just a spoonful of sugar...