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Drink Stirrers

Favorite Drink Stirrer Messages


you say tomato, I say bloody mary 

you say potato, I say vodka 

give it your best shot 

dinner is poured 

hair of the dog 

set 'em up joe 

drinks well with others 

eat, drink, and be merry 

eat, drink, and remarry 

gin and bear it 

gin and bare it 

feelin' beachy 

keep calm and have a cocktail 

wrong week to quit drinking 

girls just wanna have rum 

girls just wanna have funds 

give me some southern comfort 

one martini, two martini, three martini, floor 

this cocktail is making me awesome 

who's counting? 

whisky makes me frisky 

no shirt, no shoes, no problem 

party like a pirate  

drink me